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Memories of youth 

It’s dusty and scratched, and the buttons may be faulty at times, but my trusty iPod from 2005 (or so) still works! It’s been 12 years. 

It’s one of my most treasured items because it contains so much of my youth. Some of the songs I have on there can’t be found on iTunes, and I have so much memories of listening to my favourite albums as I studied for my A Levels ><. 

Just scrolled through the photo album once again and I was transported back to my teenage self. Haha photos of my idols and ahem crush(es) hahahaha, as well as other memories. 

The iPod saw me through good and bad times, as well as the start of my Korean learning journey. So nostalgic to listen to Coffee Prince OST, My Girl OST and I used to like SE7EN so much back then. 


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    1 May, 2017 at 3:31 AM

    Aw, I know what you mean about listening to old songs. I hear certain songs on the radio or out and about and am instantly transported back to high school or to a certain moment in time. 🙂

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