MBC Classic on Youtube

30 October, 2012


Am I just slow or did I discover something cool?? HAHAHA.

You can now watch classic MBC dramas on youtube! Subbed and in high quality!!! 😀 😀


Seriously!!! OMG.

I can now re-watch Fantasy Couple again!! (for the 5th time!!) hahahaha.

They offer a really wide range of dramas, but if you don’t know what to pick, go for these!!

1. 환상의 커플 Fantasy Couple

2. 1% of anything (KANG DONG WON 갸~~~~~!!!!!) 

3. 내조의 여왕 Queen of Housewives

4. 뉴하트 New Heart

5. 내 생에 마지막 스캔들 Last Scandal of my life


Okay I’m way too excited ^^;;

Good things must share.

So share!!

Watch more drama. Learn more Korean!

    1. Fantasy Couple was one of my first dramas so it has a special place in my heart. I highly recommend watching this drama if anybody hasn’t (or has XD) seen it! Thanks for sharing this! When my Korean gets better, (I’m only a beginner, beginner XD) I plan to watch Fantasy Couple (and some others) without subtitles. Right now I don’t think I know enough Korean to enjoy it without English subtitles. Whenever I read a new blog post of yours I feel encouraged to study Korean. If I didn’t come across your blog I don’t think I would appreciate the language as much as I do. Okay, random cheesiness is over now XD. It’s time to go do something productive; I’m off to watch dramas.

      1. yes it has a special place in my heart too! Rewatching again XD Love the high quality! Thanks for leaving a comment!! 😀 I get motivation from everyone here too!

    1. Just finished my exam and my brain’s slightly fried from studying… so I read your kang dong won comment as (KANG WON DO 갸~~~~~!!!!!)

      Spent a while wondering what in 강원도 can be so exciting. Hrm.

      1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i used to trip over his name and call him kang won do at first OOPS.

        how’s the exams?? ^^ And when are we having our 쿵쿵따 tournament? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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