3 In Food in Korea/ Korea 대한민국/ Korean learning journey (:

Maintaining your improved proficiency

A friend once told me that it is easy for my Korean to improve when I’m in Korea, but the hard part is to maintain that standard when I’m back again in Singapore. Wise words indeed.

I’m back to my ‘enclosed self study world’ and I’m back to speaking zero Korean daily. I no longer hear Korean everywhere, and once school reopens, I may not have the time to do much reading etc.

I totally didn’t watch a single Korean drama when I was in Korea, but now, dramas once again become my main source of listening material.


I’ll be sharing a photo or two in each post from now on ^^ Let me know if you like the idea~ I’ll probably do some posts on great-but-not-well-known places in Korea ^^

007 밭빙수 – the must-dessert for the hot summer

This is from Paris Croissant, a personal favorite chain cafe ^^  I particularly loved the 압구정 outlet, which has 2 levels (or more?). Loved the fact that the ice is finely shaved, unlike some other 밭빙수

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    24 November, 2010 at 9:37 PM


    i’ve been reading both equinox and your blogs and they’ve been really inspiring =) i started learning korean myself a long long time ago (like reading hanguel haha) but didn’t really have formal lessons till a few months back.

    just wondering, you managed to take intermediate TOPIK and KLPT without any formal lessons? that’s pretty amazing! i was thinking of taking intermediate classes at SKS but the price still puts me off for now =(

    anyway did you try Red Mango (the yogurt chain) when you went korea? i remember the waffles were really good but they don’t sell them in the outlets here in Singapore. they always say it’ll be available soon but everytime i ask they’ll say the machine’s not here yet =( haha. oh wells, looks like i’ll have to make a trip to Korea to get my waffle fix! =p

    NTU should be having exams soon ya? coz i’m finishing my papers (@ NUS) this saturday haha, good luck for your exams! (:

    Weixin (:

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      24 November, 2010 at 10:35 PM

      안녕하세요! ^^

      thanks for leaving a comment! 😀 yup when i took the TOPIK and KLPT, I only went for 2 levels of SKS beginner classes and i self studied from then. ^^ are you in the korean language program in NUS? that program seems better, compared to the classes in NTU. oops.

      I tried Red Mango! but not the waffle. I remembered they had really big servings and all the toppings were so fresh. 😀

      lucky you. my last paper is like around 1 month later ): good luck for your remaining papers too! 😀 😀

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        24 November, 2010 at 10:41 PM

        haha i just finished korean 2 this sem only, still got a long way to go! yup the classes are actually pretty good i feel, the teachers always try to use simpler korean to explain new grammer/terms and never english. easier for us to relate to the new words i guess (: i really wanna go kyunghee for their language programme though! but that’s for when i’ve saved up enough (:

        yeahh, Red Mango here gives really little toppings =(( boo. do try it the next time you’re there! bet you’re itching to go back Korea alr =p i was there for exchange in winter and it was way too cold to shop haha (:

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