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Mail time

[scheduled post]

So busy these few days, mail is just sitting on my desk. Finally dragged my ass over to the room and just opened one. I have a habit of just anyhow tearing the envelope open and I’ll end up with a horribly torn envelope with quite a few paper scraps from the torn envelope. Basically a mess. So my mum almost never lets me open mails. She is always disgusted with the way I do stuff and insist on taking a pair of scissors and put the edge of the envelope neatly. lolol. But she knows that I’m anal about opening specific type of mail myself – the ones I deem important and mail from Korea lolol.

This is going to be such a nonsense post..

In any case, just opened the mail about the JLPT test. Super different from the type of mail I get for TOPIK. The TOPIK mail (locally at least) is quite informal – handwritten address and just the test voucher inside. Basically all the school did is to stamp the official stamp and write in the application number in the application form you sent in (lower part). For JLPT, it feels so much more… formal and official? A printed test voucher, application form, a location map and a set of instructions.

I’m a terrible person, I signed up for JLPT without really know what it’s about. Sometimes I get a little annoyed with people who keep asking me what TOPIK is about even though the information is freely available on the internet. But now I’m like asking the same question. Having my bad-attitude moment so I refuse to go google… any kind souls can help me summarize the test structure and sections?

The first thing I noticed in the paper is the awkward timing of the test: 1420 – 1735. And I belatedly realize that it’s gonna be 3 hours…………

Shit I really need to recover from this general bad mood, bad attitude, lethargy and tiredness.

The way they fold everything in the envelope is so neat…..

(wtf if you want to stop reading this, feel free to do so.)

Now let me open the mail from Korea…

EMS Korea is so much cheaper than EMS from Singapore. It apparently costs 10,200won to send something from there and I think you will need 20,000 won at least to send the equivalent from here. Is it? I cannot remember. But definitely more than twice as expensive….

Shit I want to puke. I shall lie in bed and watch dramas after this. The past few days have been crazy. wtf. Accumulated tiredness. I don’t even have energy to open the envelope…

(I hope no one is still reading this..)

mmm opened it and inside is something that I haven’t seen for a long while.



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    Clayton Wong
    17 June, 2013 at 11:06 AM

    I made the mistake of reading to he end lol. So what was it???

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    20 June, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    You got me on this; now I feel like dying to know what’s inside the envelope.ㅎㅎ

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