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Mail me over here, mail me over there not.

(small) announcement!

I’ve got a new email address for the blog! ^^


Mail me over here k!

I’m still gonna check my gmail, but yup i hope you guys will drop me future emails at the new address!

So.. why am i changing my email address?

1. For some reason there is an increasing number of spam -.-
2. I use it for other purposes (besides blog stuff) so there’s a lot of shit less welcomed stuff there too. Which makes checkin emails a pain in the ass
3. I want a yahoo jp account lolol

I like to keep my lives separate, so I’ll prefer having an email just for Hangukdrama purposes (whatever that means).

Also, I’ll like to apologise if i did not reply ur email(s). There’s too much annoying stuff in the inbox so I get deflated and keep pushing back replying all the awesome mails I get from you guys! ><;;; Heh somehow v happy about the new Japanese email address!!!! 😀 Shoot a mail anytime~~~ can be a comment, a question or just. .. anything ^^ I'll be waiting~~~~~ P.s. sharp-eyed readers will realize i actually deleted the previous address. It sounds risque on afterthought lol

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