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Lookin back and steppin forward

Either train rides are getting slower or I’m getting more productive (?). I can complete quite a lot of things in a single ride these days.

Lol just for fun today i decided to look at my blog archives. Reading my own blog is quite fun, since its like reading a diary and lookin at my own past.

Reading some of the 2011 entries and I ended up being very impressed (?) and inspired by own past self. I think I was soooo motivated and my love and passion for Korean was so clear hahahahaha

This is not self praise, rather I feel that I’ve deteroriated instead of improved (as a person). Hahaha I’m so amazed at my past self.

Looking back i really poured in a lot of love and passion into Korean hahaha.

This is why I love diaries/blog. It really helps you to look back and drawn inspiration/ learn lessons from your past self and that can be used to move forward and take the next step.

And I also think its amazing how learning a language brought so much stuff to my life. <3 for that i will always be grateful.

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