Look what came in the mail!

18 January, 2016

More books of course.


Received these in the mail and believe me, I was like a little kid grinning and all excited!

Tuttle books are always so good in quality (but therefore also heavy) and I love good paper! They do have several titles I enjoy, so I’m looking forward to these too.

I’m particularly keen on the Japanese proverbs book, an area of Japanese study that I haven’t touched much upon. I do try to read widely, but somehow I don’t come across many proverbs so a book dedicated to the subject is welcomed! The illustrations add an element of fun to the book and I can’t wait to get started already.

Do you own any of these titles? Let me know what you think of them!

Thank you Tuttle ♥

Now I need to reorganise my bookshelf to make way for these babies 😀

(actually I need more space..)

    1. I am drooling everytime seeing your books collection xD
      How much is Tuttle shipping fee to Singapore? I wonder if it’s the same to Jakarta.

    1. which online bookstore did you buy tuttle from ?
      do some of their books come with CD ?
      thank you so much

      1. You can get it from Amazon! (: Some books do come with CD, you need to check (:

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