[List] Advanced Korean Expressions

24 March, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates (: I have been struggling with certain issues, along with school and my life. Due to my upside down life, I am now blogging at 530am on a Saturday morning.

Recently, I’ve been made aware of my lacking skills in academic Korean and business Korean and I am trying to do something about it. As I have mentioned in several posts, I am now trying to learn fixed expressions such as ‘according to xxx’, ‘there is a downward trend..’.

I have started a google doc to keep track of all the expressions, grouping them into different categories for future reference. There’s loads of ways to express a certain thing.. such as predictions and I don’t want to be stuck just using one expression.


I’m almost finishing theYonsei 6 textbook (: That is one book I can’t bear to part with. I’m now moving towards the last chapter! It’s amazing how much I’ve grown for the past 2 years. When I first used the book in summer 2010, I found the book really challenging and I was highlighting almost every other word in the passage. Now I’m pretty much fine with everything. More on that next time! Want to include some pictures 😀

Hope everyone has been well! ^^


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