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Less than 1 month to JLPT N2

The cold hard truth in the title 😉

It’s less than one month to the exam and I’m finally beginning to study for it. Not so much to study for the test, but rather that the text is giving me motivation to study. I’m trying to do a #30daychallenge over at Instagram (@2eightytwo) but hahaha I’m so bad at keeping up. Nevertheless, I’ve been doing more for Japanese in the past week or so, and I hope to continue doing so.

One of my weakest links in Japanese is GRAMMAR. I’m pretty good at picking up (and remembering) Korean grammar points, so I’ve no idea why I find it so difficult to do the same for Japanese. It also doesn’t help when Japanese grammar points can look very similar >.<

Leaving you guys with some notebook pictures 🙂

Can’t wait for the day where I can continue on my N1 journey again. 🙂

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