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Language therapy day

Woke up feeling quite crappy and decided that this will not do. So, I decided to only do things that I like for the entire day – i.e. language therapy.

hahaha seriously, all I did was read and listen to Japanese for the entire day. ^^;;

I think I’m getting better and faster at reading Japanese and I think I’ve retained quite a bit of kanji knowledge even though I’ve never memorized the yomikata (pronunciation).

Needed more Japanese input, but somehow all the recent Japanese dramas were disappointing and I refuse to watch Japanese moves again… so I have to turn to the next best alternative: anime

hehe I’m never much of a fan of anime – I think I watched less than 10 series in my life. My personal favorite is Shaman King, followed by Hajime no Ippo. (no shojo anime for me lolol) mm yeah and I remembered liking Shakugan no Shana – but I can’t remember what the show was about -.-;; Watched it like 8 years ago…

So now I’m watching M.A.R, a series that was written by the same author as my all time favorite manga – Flame of Recca. M.A.R is definitely more kiddish compared to Flame of Recca, but has a similar premise.

Trying not to look at the subs and I think I’m getting better! ^^

hehe but maybe my Japanese vocabulary will be all skewed towards anime-speak, if there is such a thing.

Read like 60 plus pages of a Japanese novel. In case you are curious, I’m reading シンメトリー (Symmetry), one of the novel series that was remade into the popular Strawberry Night drama. Again, skewed vocabulary. Who knew that the first type of novel that I can read is crime, instead of something more general lol.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Japanese grammar dictionary I ordered 😀 My brain needs a challenge, if not it’s going to be in a hibernating stage soon -.-;;

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