Japanese Learning Log

I guess it’s too late to do something like this for Korean, but I kinda want to keep a learning log for Japanese. Something like a record of the major milestones? Not too sure, but right now, I just want to record down the articles that I’ve read in Japanese for my own purposes. So that I can go back to it sometimes if needed. For those who are learning Japanese too, maybe you can use this as a guide to choose articles suitable for your standard (I’m somewhere in the intermediate stage)

Japanese Articles Read (Oldest to newest)

Someday Jan 2012: Restarted learning Japanese. From Hiragana.

25/8/2012: Been watching a few Japanese dramas and I can understand bits and pieces of it without subs.

24/12/2012: Read a short romance story entirely in Japanese

16/07/2013: Finished reading first Japanese adult fiction 

21/09/2013: Received notification that I passed N3 JLPT (July 2013)

22/04/2014: Finished reading Parallel World Love Story – first novel that I didn’t use the dictionary after the first 10 pages!

29/01/2015: Finished reading Psycho Pass Novel I

14/02/2015: Finished reading Psycho Pass Novel 2 (30/1-14/2)

20/02/2015: Finished reading L Change the World (14/2-20/2)