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[Korean Slangs] 야! 내 여자한테 작업걸었어?! 맞짱 깔래?

Slangs. One of the funnest part in learning a language. Korean seems to have quite a lot of slangs or 유행어, made famous by personalities, dramas, sitcoms etc.

They are impossible (and not fun) to learn to without a context or seeing how it’s used in real life. But here are a few that I’ve been hearing a lot these days


This is a term used for actively courting someone of the other sex (작업은 이성을 꼬신다는 뜻). So when a guy keep calling a girl, give her presents, send her home etc, you can used the term. There’s quite a long of search results for 여자한테 작업거는 방법 too ㅎㅎㅎ


A related term. Simply someone who is good at picking up girls (usually) on the streets or in bars.

맞짱 깔다

맞짱 means fight and the whole phrase means ‘to fight’. Usually used in the form of 맞짱 깔래? to pick a fight with someone else. I’m still not very sure of the exact meaning of 깔다, but it is often used in ‘coarse language’. (source)


This is the cutest. A shortened version of 뭐임, it is used when you are confused about something, curious or when you are asking a question.

예) 18번 문제 정답이 뭥미? (source)

Heard of this term when I was watching a sitcom. Whenever a ridiculous situation is happening, the narrator will go 이게 뭥미?

All these slangs are used very frequently among teens and young adults.

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    1 March, 2012 at 5:08 PM

    I really enjoyed while reading. There are lots of expressions to learn in Korean, and i think it is fun too. Thanks Shanna ^^

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    2 March, 2012 at 1:03 AM

    Haha! These slangs are so cute!

    픽업아티스트 made me laugh haha ^^ Thanks for sharing 😀

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