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[Korean Resources Review] HaruKorean

Hyunwoo Sun kindly invited me to try out the new site and I have a 3 weeks free trial~! 😀

[disclaimer: 4 years into studying Korean, I’m no longer a beginner. But I’ll try to review the site from the perspective of a new learner!

Another brilliant creation from the Talktomeinkorean team! I’ve previously reviewed TTMIK HERE  and HaruKorean is the perfect complement to the TTMIK site.

If you are asking “Who or what is talktomeinkorean”, please go check out their website. All Korean learners should know about them 😀

If TalktomeinKorean is an awesome site to learn Korean, HaruKorean is the perfect site to practice what you have learnt. The idea behind HaruKorean is simple, practice what you have learnt. The site integrates the lessons from TTMIK and the basic idea is: listen to the lesson, learn the grammar / vocabulary point and then use it to write a sentence.

The best part of the site: native speakers to correct your grammar. The site claims that your sentence will get corrected with 24 hours and I tested it out.

Wrote a sentence and I got feedback within 15 minutes!

I wished HaruKorean was around when I first started Korean.

What I liked

  • fast response from native speakers
  • integration with the TTMIK content
  • awesome, clean and easy to use interface
  • loads of practice opportunities

That being said, HaruKorean is more suited for the beginners. The whole idea revolves around practicing what you have learnt specifically and it can be a little restricting at times. Also, you are only allowed to write one sentence at a time, and I think the problem that most learners face is expressing their own opinions (in a more elaborate way) and also stringing together more than a couple of sentences.

It may or may not be suited for your needs,  but if you are a beginner looking for a way to practice the grammar points and obtain fast feedback, sign up for HaruKorean! ^^

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    4 January, 2012 at 4:18 AM

    I love your review!! Mine just got published, but it isn’t as detailed ><;;

    But you are so right~ it's great for beginners – but not for intermediate learners looking for more in depth corrections. ^^

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      4 January, 2012 at 7:53 AM

      just read your review too! 😀 😀

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