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Korean pancakes at Todamgol

Yes, this post is dedicated to the awesome 모듬전 at Todamgol Korean restaurant (at Tanjong Pagar) that I’ve eaten thrice this month ?. 

I always zoomed in on the oysters jeon (굴전) in the middle, but the kimchi ones and the mushroom(stuffed with tuna) ones are great too. However, I think the quality can fluctuate a bit at times (I guess depending on the Chef?) but overall it’s still good – different degrees of good lol. 

Very good in fact, especially when paired with one of the makgolis they offer (I like the 국순당 one). 

Todamgol is my favourite Korean restaurant in Singapore and has remained so for the last couple of years. When people ask me for a Korean restaurant recommendation, this place has always been on the top of my list. 

Have blogged about it before too. ?
Since the month is ending, don’t think I’ll get to eat it a fourth time. ?

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    2 October, 2017 at 9:19 AM

    Don’t forget most 전 goes with 맠컬리, not beer. How do I know…. 🙂

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