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27 July, 2011

suitable for: upper beginner / intermediate learners and even beyond

I’ve known about this site for a long while, but I realised I haven’t blog about it. Yahoo Korea Kids is an interactive site for kids and it’s alot of fun. For those who are into interactive language learning, this may be a gold mine for you ^^ Although it’s not tailored towards the needs of language learners, there are still many functions we can make use of.

note: even though it’s a KIDS website, don’t be fooled. The content there can still get pretty advanced for us language learners.

For today, I’ll like to talk about the 동화나라 section, which is a nice collection of bedtime children stories in a video form!!

There are a few different sections on the left side green bar, go explore!

heh I was watching this under the 생활동화 section! It’s like moral education, teaching you to not waste resources. It’s so cute! Since the narration is in a kiddish voice, it might be difficult for beginners who are still not that good in listening yet.

The video is impressive enough and at the end it became interactive!! So cool, the moon asked a question and you are supposed to select one of the two images on the right and drag it to the left page. When you move your mouse to hover over the images, there’s actually a voice narration. So cool!! Good listening practice! It’s like an interactive listening comprehension. If you get what I mean.

How cool can things get. Kids nowadays don’t have to pester their parents for stories, haha use the computer and it’s even interactive xD

The YES24 videos are more advanced in terms of story. However it’s narrated with a more ‘normal’ voice, which may make it easier for some learners. Too bad there aren’t any subtitles. If not, it will be language learners heaven.

The videos are excellent listening practice and it’s not boring. For those who don’t like the dry dialogues of textbooks, this is a great site to visit! There are loads more functions, so be sure to explore too ^^

    1. Thx for sharing^^
      So glad that i can finally practise my listening skills through a more interactive way!
      Haha. It’s like going back to primary sch days^^

    1. This is so useful! Thanks for writing about it, it’s exactly the type of thing I’m looking for 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing! I’m also looking for something like this. Kyaa~! Now I have something to do/visit/explore when boredom strikes. It would really be awesome if there are Korean subtitles, but it doesn’t matter – the site is indeed heaven!!! 🙂

    1. Hi there.^^ First of all,thank you so much for posting so many useful Korean study resources. I’m writing with regards to one of the websites you posted (http://www.kebikids.com/), not yahoo kids. >< Or can you do it at all?

      Do you know any websites with stories like that where you would be able to watch with subtitles + to be able to pause the story at any time? It's becoming annoying having to restart the story 5 times just to get couple of sentences. XD

      Thank you soooo much in advance. ^^

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