Korean Language Resources

Korean Language Resources

Tools for learning Korean

  • Pronounciation guide
    A super amazing programme. Type in anything in Hangul and it churns out the correct pronunciation for you. No more worries on how to pronounce complicated looking words like 옮다.

Online Tutorials

  • Sogang Online Lessons
    Created by Sogang university, the site offers a range of online lessons with exercises catered for the elementary to the intermediate. Highly recommended for self learners. Good for learning grammar.
  • KoreanClass101.com
    Interesting podcasts that is updated really frequently. It has lessons ranging from newbie series to the advanced lessons. I particularly love the audio blogs which is entirely in Korean (helps to train your listening skills). Requires subscription to access its pdf lessons.
  • Click Korean
    20 Lessons by Seoul University suitable for beginners. I like the fact that there is korean subtitles below each conversation window so that we can follow the conversation easily.
  • College Korean Intermediate
    The online version of the book of the exact title (featured below). Excellent for learning new grammar points.

For Kids (and the language learner!)

E-books / Reading Materials


Advanced Internet Resources

Korean Language Learning Books

Textbook Series – Beginner to Advanced





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