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Korean Drama: 천년지애 (2003)

I remembered watching Prince’s First Love (2004) and falling in love with Sung Yuri. She wasn’t the most polished actress, but somehow I found her very watchable. Started googling her past dramas and 천년재애 was the one that caught my attention, given my love for anything that deals with cross-space/time love and time machines. 😀 Some of you *might* have remembered my previous posts on this and how it’s on my to-watch list.

Finally started watching it a few days ago and I’m hooked (: Not a very good timing though, it’s right smack in the exams period.
I’m really glad I only watched it now, it makes things 10 times as fun.

1. Lee Sa Rang is in the show!!!

 I din’t know about her until her role as Oska’s love in Secret Garden. Pretty interesting to see how she’s like urm 7 years ago. She’s a little bitchy in this show too – a little similar to her character in SG.

2. So Ji Sub looking like a goof and having really interesting fashion sense. LOL.

Since I started watching noticing him only in 영화는 영화다, it’s a stark contrast. All the characters generally look outdated (when i watch this now), but he just look adorably cute with fringe cut too high. He looked so much more polished and chic now. Nice to see the contrast though.

3. Lee Sun Gyun !!!!

He’s possibly TOP in my fangirl list. (: Again, good to see his younger self. He acts as a fashion designer (ahem, of skimpy, bling clothing) and it’s hilarious to see him holding a red thong and examining his urm design. Can’t really associate him with the romantic next-door guy image.

Kim Nam Jin also appeared in Prince’s First love and now he has a much bigger role as the 2nd male lead. (: The older cast are all familiar faces and it’s just cute seeing how they were like 7 years ago. xD

Although a much-reused plot, it never fails to crack me up seeing characters thrown into a different time and space dimension and not knowing how things operate in the current world. hahahaha. A Baek Jae princess stuck in a modern toilet? Hilarious.

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    19 May, 2011 at 2:01 AM

    sometimes it’s really fun watching older dramas. this looks like interesting, so i’m putting it on my to-watch list (sigh! more and more dramas less and less time to watch them all)

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