Korean CF Types: The dance, the star power, the drama

Another #notserious post.

Korean CFs are 짱 (awesome). When I first came across Korean CFs a few years back, I was totally wow-ed by the quality and ‘feel’ of the commercials. They were very different from the commercials on Singapore TV, which I remembered being boring or overly cheesy. By the way, I haven’t watch SG tv for years, how are the commercials like now? In any case, I skip the commercial breaks in Singapore but I’ll watch every single CF on TV when I was in Korea.

Few years down the road, I’m not too sure. Don’t get me wrong. I still like Korean CFs, but I’m now too used to their styles.

Most Korean CFs can now be classified into 3 types, in my opinion.

Type 1: The Dance. Or the Cheesy song.

Type 1. The jiggle and the dance. These CFs have pretty addictive tunes and ridiculous dances. Cheesy yes, but definitely effective. Strangely, I can stomach looking at a grown man do that ridiculous dance and not feel turned off. Somehow you watch it once and you will remember it. Along with the advertised product.

And Koreans are really crazy about their s-lines.

And yes. Family-oriented. Many of the CFs like to portray a happy Korean family and the homes usually have a lot of white furniture and generally modernish looking.

Okay this is taking it to the extreme. A really weird dance and a (can that even be called a) tune to advertise ice-cream? Strange.

That’s Seo Woo in the CF, by the way!

Type 2: The star power

Basically, such CFs may not make much sense. It’s all about the STAR POWER and what it can sell. And Kim Tae Hee can sell phones just by talking rubbish to it.

“너 여자보다 더 날씬해서 어떡하라 그래. 너랑 같이 다니기 챙피해 정말.. 살 좀 쪄!”

(How can you (the phone) be even slimmer than a girl? What am I supposed to do? Going out with you makes me embarrassed. Gain some weight!)

Doesn’t make sense, but I still watched the whole 1min CF.

이승기: 자꾸 보고 싶은데요

Lee Seunggi can sell everything. And Kang Dong Won can sell anything to me.

Type 3: The drama 

Capitalizing on both the star power and a popular drama? That’s smart. Cha Seung Won is a big enough star on his own, but making him portray his Dokko Jin character in Best Love, that’s double the starpower.

One of my favorite CFs, linked with one of my favorite dramas. Once a drama hits a certain level of popularity, there’s a certain fondness for it that spreads to all related parodies and in this case, advertisements. I can put this CF on repeat.


That concludes the end of my #notserious CF analysis.

How can we not end this with my all time favorite star?

GIVE ME THE SOJU NOW. I will only drink 봄봄 from now on.

who’s your all time fav CF star?


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    “Lee Seunggi can sell everything. ” LOL, agree!! When I was in Korea, everytime I went for groceries shopping, I bought things that have Lee Seunggi picture on it (like toothpaste). The first time I went to Myeongdong, I went straight to The Saem store because of him too.

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    […] Korean CF Types: The dance, the star power, the drama (Hangukdrama and […]

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    Wow! That is really a lot variety of commericals in Korea. If only commercials in Singapore were that entertaining… haha Very informative post too. ^^

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