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Korean BBQ at Ju Shin Jung + Bingsoo at Binggojung

Tried out (yet) another Korean restaurant in Singapore! 😀 This one is a little special since there is a Korean cafe (with bingsoos!!) right next to it so you don’t have to agonise over where 2차 is going to be at.

Ju Shin Jung (주신정) @ Guillemard


Although it was lunchtime, we decide to go for the 3-4 persons BBQ set instead of the lunch menu.


Poring over the menu

To be very honest, the banchan were so-so >< I suppose I’m too spoilt by Korean food in Korea but then again, there are places with better banchan in Singapore…


But thumbs-up for being rather authentic. I always love it when they dish out the seaweed soup in Korean restaurants (but this one was just .. ok)


Our set came with a bottle of makgulli (rice wine)! 낮술 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


“I’ve stopped drinking” lolol


The set came with two types of meat (pork and beef). I liked the beef a lot more but my favourite was still the mushrooms, especially the button top!


Maybe I’m still sua ku but this is the first time I see a Korean restaurant in Singapore having that!! I SUPER LOVE IT. I first tried in a 곱창 restaurant in Korea and was told that you can tell the mushroom is ready to eat when there is a small puddle of water collected in the button top (okay I don’t know how to describe). ><


super yummy mushrooms!

I loved Korean restaurants because it’s always a table full of food! 😀 And seeing that makes me very very happy ^^


One interesting thing to note that it’s completely normal to ask the restaurant to change the grill plate several times (every time it’s charred) during a bbq meal in Korea but I guess you will get the side-eye if you tried it here in SG (especially if you are not planning to order more meat already..) haha. We did ask to change it once and luckily the staff was nice enough to do it.


The set also came with a seafood pancake and I got quite a shock when i first saw this very unauthentic pancake ;;; But the taste is surprisingly good (and it’s super filling…). Have it hot though!


It was a big meal for 4 people but we were very very satisfied! Overall, I did enjoy dining there but I probably won’t travel alllllllllll the way there again. Nothing very special. It didn’t make my list of Korean restaurants in SG.

102 Guillemard Road #01-01 Singapore 399719
Tel: 6440 7707

Weekday Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Weekday Dinner: 6pm to 11pm (Last Order at 10pm)
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 12pm to 11pm (No Break, Last Order at 10pm)

Korean Cafe – Binggojung (빙고정)

I love bingsoos (Korean shaved ice dessert) and if I’m in Korea in the right season, I eat them like several times a week. It’s completely normal to do so, seeing that going out in Korea never ends at Round 1.

So I’m really glad I can find them pretty easily in Singapore now!

Tried the ones at TOMS AND TOMS (the milk tea bingsu is GOOD), Paris Baguette (YUMS), so I’m pretty curious about the ones at Binggojung. Especially since they brought in the hottest dessert in Korea this summer >>> Injeolmi Bingsoo and toast (인절미 빙수 / 토스트)

I must say they did a pretty good job!

The decor was kept simple. It’s a pretty comfortable place but rather small >< They do have quite a large selection of bingsoos as well as beverages common in Korean cafes.


What should we get….?


The star of the day!

First thing – out of all the different bingsoo types I’ve tried, Incheolmi bingsoo is not really my type. But I actually really really enjoyed this one – not too sweet! Incheolmi is actually grounded bean powder, if you are curious..

The shaved ice is infused (?) with milk, so it’s pretty flavourful ^^


인절미 빙수


The toast was good!!! I think it would have been even better if we ate it hot (we ate it last cos we were too full from lunch lol). Korean cafes use a thicker toast but I’m pretty okay with the normal bread. It makes for easier eating (I remembered stuffing my face in Korea lol)


Tried their original red bean bingsoo too! It was pretty decent but personally I prefer the Paris Baguette version. I have a liking for the original 팥빙수 where it’s just ddeok (rice cake) and red bean and milk. No other toppings. But this version was not too bad.


The portion was pretty decent too!! 😀


Address: Besides Ju Shin Jung

If you guys are going there, like their Facebook Page! They seem to have quite a number of promotions (: We got a free Incheolmi toast due to a promotion!

hehe took photos too!! 😀 Marsha on the left and me on the right. hahaha I look different with my hair all tied up (I seldom do that)

DSCF2458 DSCF2459

Had a great time overall! 😀 I love bingsoos, so if you are going for one, ask me out too k! 😀

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