[Korean App/Radio] 유인나의 볼륨을 높여요

6 August, 2012

I might have talked about this before. xxx의 볼륨을 높여요 holds special memories for me as it was the FIRST radio programme that I listened to. xxx because the KBS radio show changes its name with each new host and I started out with 메이비의 볼륨을 높여요. I loved her voice, and she was a great host. When the host changed, to Narsha I think(?), I kinda lost interest. D: Not that she wasn’t good, but I always have a fond spot for the ‘original’ that I’m used to. #sentimental

The radio show has since seen a few changes in its hosts and now it’s Yoo In-na!!!!!! 😀 😀 Some of you may know that I’m a great fan of her!!! Haven’t really heard her yet but I definitely recommend this podcast. She has a great voice.

It’s a good radio programme to just tune in to Korean, learn some new vocabulary, improve listening / pronunciation skills.

As I was googling this, realized that they have came up with an iphone app too!!! 😀 TO TUNE IN LIVE!!!

1. On Air
Allows you to listen to 유인나 with high-quality listening experience.
Allows you to see her talk and play your favorite songs in high-quality.

2. Real-time Messaging
Allows you to send instant messages to the DJ. (available only during live broadcast)

3. Playground
Allows you to leave your stories, music requests and feedbacks anytime on the board.

4. SNS
Directly links you to the official Twitter page of 유인나’s Turn Up the Volume.
Automatically shares your posts on your Twitter page.

5. Auto-start/Auto-exit Setting
Automatically starts the application when the live broadcast begins and exits when the live broadcast ends.

podcast: HERE     | Download App HERE

Weekdays 8-10pm 😀 wow. I wished I signed up for KBS when I had my alien registration number. Then I would be able to send instant messages to Yoo Inna <3 *fangirl*

Anyway, I think the older podcasts by other hosts are still available on the internet. You can try googling ^^

And you can google for the android app! I’m apple biased 😛

More apps coming up soon!!!

    1. I also lost interest when Natasha took over but have quite enjoyed listening to 유나.^^

      1. i didnt realize she took over as the host! now im looking forward to her show everyday. i listened to maybee really often and it was sad when i listened to her final show. i think i still have it in my mp3 player ><

    1. oh the girl from secret garden.

      i liked her singing on the track with humming urban sterero

    1. I went to download it on my Android phone but it said it wasn’t compatible! Is it not available outside of South Korea? My phone isn’t old or outdated, either… Oh well. I downloaded another podcast program that showed up when I searched for this one, so maybe it has the capability to play this program. Thanks for the recommendation.

      1. Mmm u downloaded the podcast or the app? Mmm I’m not really sure how it works on android :/ perhaps u can try to download the podcast via iTunes on the comp and then convert it to play on the phone? ><

        1. The other podcast program I downloaded has the last month or so’s episodes available, so I’ll be using that and a depository from last year my friend found. I’m not advanced enough to get enough out of it like you might, but it’s still enjoyable to listen to 🙂

    1. Hello!! ^^ I’ve been wondering is there any ways i could listen to Yoo In Na radio broadcast, so i when to googled it and it brought me here!! Thanks for sharing such an awesome app!! 🙂 Now i can finally listen to Yoo In Na broadcast >< thanks!! 🙂

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