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Just keep them stackin’

I must have mentioned this before. I like to occupy space by stacking books all over the place. I have a few stacks on my bed (which I moved to my table and chair every night..), one on my desk, a few stacks on the floor, on other tables in the house and on my side of the sofa (I haven’t sit on the sofa for years – really).

It’s like I’m marking my territory lol.

This also shows how terrible I am, because I leave so many half-read books lying around. For every book I actually completed, there are probably 8 others I haven’t.

I was actually going to say that I’m quite cured of buying more books, but as I typed I remember the titles of books I wanted to get -___-

I’m listening to a 판소리 recording and I miss Korea ><;;

I guess I shall give up on blogging about the recent Korea trip because I’m so behind anyway I don’t remember what I did. I just remembered feeling like shit most of the time hahaha (physically).


A certain memorable cafe

I had a lot of memories in this cafe. The bad or 인상적인 kind. Thus, I went back to the exact seat this time. This time, I felt perfectly happy there. I guess time and circumstances do make a lot of difference.

I think I’ll make it a point to go back every time if possible (: In any case, I really like the view and feel of that place.


Sinchon – from the Uplex

Sinchon. Also another place with lots of memories ^^ Of course, it has to be. I stayed there for 1.5 months during my first trip to Korea years ago. My first overseas trip too. I can still remember the ‘feel’ of that place, although I am actually quite sad that the place is forever evolving at top speed, it’s barely recognisable D: The 설빙 wasn’t there 4 years ago lol.


Another place with memories. Hence, I went out of my way to actually go back ^^ I realised I ate a lot of 초밥 during this trip lol.

DSCF1086I love Beansbins. A lot of memories in this outlet… and also the place in general >< ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I love their waffles – this is coming from a non-waffle person.

I can’t wait for the next time I’m back and it’s time to make new and better memories.

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