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Just a bit of curiosity will do

Loving Haikyuu!! so far!! I didn’t think I’ll be that into a sports anime (given my lack of interest in any) but this is SO GOOD. I even like it better than Kuroko no Basuke, where season 1 and 2 were pretty good but everyone’s abilities is so out of the world (lol the ZONE).


source: haikyuu.wikia.com

Came across this one quote which is LOVE.



Rough translation: To start anything, you don’t need “unwavering resolve” or “noble aims”. Something that you started when you let nature takes its course will slowly become something important to you. To start, you just need a bit of curiosity.

Okay, ignore the bad translation.

But I so agree with this. The answer to “Why did you start doing xx?” or “Why made you interested in this?” etc doesn’t have to be something amazing. It doesn’t have to be a well-thought out answer just to prove that you have some mad planning skills for your future or that you weighed the benefits and costs before you embark on it. You just need to have some interest in it and to be curious enough to start learning more.

I think it’s the same with foreign languages. You don’t need some lofty aims (eg. I predict that XX country would be big in the future and I want to learn XX so that I can do business there in the future) to start. You may have started it to understand what your idol is saying, or you may have an interest in the cuisine. Or maybe you like how it sounds. Or maybe you were just bored and looking for a new challenge. Or maybe it’s just a random decision.

If that initial spark of something continues, it will build up. One day, without realising it, it has become something important to you.

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    14 November, 2015 at 1:36 AM

    Hello! This is Jolyn haha I’m from Singapore too! 😀 I’ve been reading your blog for awhile (but haven’t had the courage to say hi) and since it’s Haikyuu I really think I should drop by xD I really love it! I feel that the characters are quite real and relatable and their passion for volleyball has really inspired me a lot to work towards the things I love. I hope you’ll continue enjoying it!! 😀 Ah and I’m currently learning Korean and hope to continue with Japanese one day (I took it as third lang in sec school but had to drop): ) your blog has really helped and inspired me a lot! Thank you so much for sharing with us I really really appreciate it ((: /bows 감사합니다!

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      14 November, 2015 at 9:06 AM

      Hi Jolyn!!

      Thanks for leaving a comment!! Yay for Haikyuu!! 😀 Yes I really loved it too! The whole underdog story is not uncommon in sports anime but there’s just something in Haikyuu that makes it special (: Thanks for reading the blog 😀 and have fun learning Korean!! 좋은 주말 되세요!!

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