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[Japanese Textbook Reviews] 初級日本語問題集

The first ever Japanese textbook review here! 😀 I’ll still be blogging mainly about Korean (don’t worry!) but I’d like to blog about Japanese too now and then. I have been concentrating on Japanese these few weeks, so I’ll probably blog about it more often.

This is a reading comprehension book organised in 20 themes, with 4 related passages in each theme. Each passage is about half a page worth (see below photo), followed by a few simple questions on the other page. Pretty straightforward, and makes good reading practice. No explanation of grammar points, but there’s a mini-glossary below each passage.

Having the advantage of knowing Chinese, I jumped straight into learning Kanji and hence I’m more comfortable with the kanji versions of verbs etc. As this book is targeted for the beginners, kanji usage is kept at a minimum, which I didn’t really like. However, seeing things from the perspective of a foreigner, it’s a good thing to introduce kanji slowly and gradually. I much prefer such books to beginner books where everything is in hiragana and katakana. This is going to make the learner too used to it and ended up having loads of difficulty when finally faced with kanji.

What I liked:

  • easy to use and the passages are interesting enough
  • makes good reading practice for beginners – instead of merely looking at dialogues

What I didn’t like so much:

  • very limited use of kanji (can be a plus or minus point depending on how you see it)

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