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Hehe very happy that I’m starting 2015 in an awesome way – Japanese immersion.

Hahaha by the time you are reading this, I should have arrived in OSAKA safe and sound. YAY! (This post is written in advance)

So happy!!

I have been keeping pretty quiet about this trip (even though it has been in the plans for quite some time alr haha) cos the more I mention it, the more I’ll look forward to it and be obsessed with the calendar lol. Yay so time passed pretty quickly this time!

It’s gonna be a special trip cos I’m travelling with Amber (our 막내 in the meetupsㅋㅋㅋ) and it also doubles up as her high school grad trip hahaha. Amber reads my blog and I first got to know her when she came for the 1st meetup I organised back in 2011. Sometime in 2012, fate brought us together to become really good friends!! We have been talking about going on her grad trip tgt for quite some time but it’s still amazing that we are ACTUALLY doing it.

One of the amazing people learning Korean brought to my life ^^ Forever grateful to Korean!

2015 is going to be an amazing year for Amber and I’m already looking forward to Spring 2016 heeeeee.

I’ll probably not blog until Im back.

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