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[Japanese Audio Blog] Reciting a passage

Not really an audio blog, but just me reciting Japanese. Feedback will be most welcome as usual! The original passage is from here.

Love the site since they have audio clips of their articles!! ^___^ Been wanting to find such articles with audio files!! 😀 I think I listened to it at least 15 times -_____- Not sure if my intonation is any better because of that. hahaha.

Studying Japanese now. again, yes i know. I’m ALWAYS doing things at the wrong time. Kinda. When it’s exam period, I’m watching dramas. When it’s less than one month to TOPIK, I’m studying Japanese. When it’s JLPT time, trust me, I’ll be studying Korean -.-

Oh well.

Don’t know why I’m so motivated though. Kinda strange. I can’t really explain it too! Learning a lot of new vocabulary everyday. Making good progress and I can pronounce more and more kanji 😀 Just found out that I can’t listen to Korean music while studying Japanese. My brain gets screwed up. It’s like my Korean brain is going to overpower and suppress the smaller Japanese brain hahahaha.

Okay whatever. I don’t particularly feel like blogging these few days. ^^


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    27 March, 2013 at 12:40 AM

    i’ve no idea what it means, but yr accent sounds pretty authentic.. hehe. 😛

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    27 March, 2013 at 7:36 AM

    one of the words that stood out as far as intonation offness was concerned was mokuteki. I don’t know if the audio on the site can let you fastforward but if it can you can re-listen totheir pronounciation of mokuteki or look it up on naver (they have pronounciation) or juts move on and keep listening to japanese. i thought it was sorta interesting in the beginning since the tone of your voice just doesn’t match the content lol especially with the gion. well you know, it can’t be helped you’re not announcer or anything and this is for fun/practice. I think japanese just requires practice with moving your mouth and listening a lot just because it’s so vowel-y but i’m sure you’ll be able to get used to it if you keep practicing.

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    27 March, 2013 at 5:48 PM

    Overall, it sounds very good and is easy to understand 🙂
    I could point out obvious things, such as speed and pronunciation, but that’s not a problem since you’re still studying and those’ll get better naturally. As for intonation, your tone should go down a little bit more at the end of the sentences – you’ll hear this as you listen to more Japanese audio. In Korean, the tone doesn’t drop down so much at the end of a sentence (it just drops a little bit for statements), but in Japanese it drops down a bit more at the end. Try to listen for that as you practice. Also, feel free to use your own natural intonation as if you’re speaking polite Korean, and just make it just a bit more monotone, and I think it’ll sound a bit better in Japanese (it sounds a bit too monotone for regular speech – like you’re announcing a train or broadcasting the news, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing). But your pace for the sounds is correct. I think you’re really good already for not having studied it that long.

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