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[JAPAN 2015] Day #4(1) Osaka Aquarium

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I didn’t have many places that I really wanted to go in Osaka. The Osaka Aquarium was one of the very few that I looked forward to going again! Went there with the plus one a year ago and we really enjoyed ourselves there. It’s just so therapeutic to look at ocean life. (Well, I can’t swim so I can’t dive and so I cannot look at the actual ocean life. Make do with what I can get!) I’ll totally enjoy an aquarium date 😛


The view along the way. It was a pretty (and cold) day.


The ferris wheel!! Which the plus one went on alone last year and this year Amber and I totally skipped it. 😛 Heights is not my cup of tea. Anyway cheap thrill cos I remembered that Junhoe and Jinhwan went on an aquarium date and also a ferris wheel date when they went to Osaka! (exact same place)


Random Korean restaurant along the way.


Amber taking photograph of the ferris wheel



hee I was super high 😀 Took photo with the… penguin(?)



The aquarium building! It’s really quite big and I think you can take at least 1.5 hours to walk through.


Even the tickets were so pretty! <3


Didn’t take much photographs in the aquarium but I was very happy to see this salamander look-alike in one of the first few exhibits! <3 <3 I miss the salamanders in the Kyoto aquarium!  D:


I totally forgot that they have a number of corners like this where they have inked stamps for the various sea creatures in the aquarium. I TOTALLY FORGOT TO BRING PAPER. So I could only look on at Amber stamping into her diary ):


Nice pic… no?


Selca with the (fake) shark but we really saw the real one in the tank!!

Didn’t manage to get a good photo of my 친구 although I did manage to get a selca with him (far behind). The photo won’t upload, so here’s a reminder of how my friend looked like 😀 For more, you can look at my previous blog post.


Went to the mall beside the aquarium for lunch! They had this pretty cool Japanese food street in the mall with a number of quaint and small restaurants! 😀 Decided on a ramen place. DSCF2867

I love the eggs in ramen <3


hehe the food street was super cool cos there’s a lot of random decoration (like old school telephone etc) and we found this omikuji booth. Basically fortune telling and it’s love-life specific. HAHAHA Amber and I must think quite alike cos we both were like OKAY LET’S DO. Simply put in 100 yen coin in the slot and pick your fortune! There is nobody to oversea the booth so it’s your integrity.

hahaha it’s funny how the fortunes that I picked during the trip (3 in total) all tell me to be proactive in finding my prospective partner and to confess (!!!). Apparently said guy will come this year (but late). Erm okay I’ll think about confessing when I find him ok?


The day wouldn’t be complete without purikura! 😛


Walked around the area and here’s a cute photo of Amber 😀




Ending with a photo of the Ferris Wheel! I’ll come again!! 😀 Hopefully with the said guy who is coming into my life late this year lol.

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    24 February, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    I enjoyed reading this! Sounds like it was fun trip. If you’re interested in doing something kind of off-the-beaten track, something I’d recommend in Osaka is Osaka Liberty Human Rights Museum. I went there in 2010 and it was a really educational experience – learned a lot about minorities in Japan (the poor, LGBT, ‘burakumin’, indigenous peoples of Japan and more), and their struggles to the present day. All in Japanese but I’m sure you can manage 😉

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