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It’s all about the moment

Once the moment has passed, it’s gone.

For the past few months, I was convinced that I should put in my effort into something else during this year and perhaps I would have time for my hobbies when things “get on track”. But now I think that’s just a laughable thought and a poor decision. And that’s how hobbies die.

It’s true that everyone is busy and there’s always more things to do compared to the time we have. Allocation of time is hence important, but no matter how tiny a fraction of time you have to dedicate to something, if you think it’s important, give it some attention and time in the present. Waiting for an unspecified “free time” somewhere in the future is not going to cut it. Most probably that free time won’t ever come.

Whether by conscious choice or not, I had neglected my blog for the past few months. And those time lost is not going to come back. No matter how frequently I write in the future, there’s always that blank period. It’s the same for anything else.

People who know me will know that language learning is very important to me. It’s a hobby, it’s personal development, it’s therapy for me. It’s the one thing that keeps my sanity in check and allows me to be content and happy in the midst of all the other less positive things in life.

Same for writing. I love to write and I want to try to write more.

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