2 In Korean learning journey (:

Immersing myself in Korean


Exactly one week has passed since holidays started!! ㅠㅠ I haven’t been doing anything productive, except watching korean dramas 😀

Dramas that I’m enjoying these days:

1. 아이리스 (IRIS)

2. 인연만들기 (Creating Destiny)

3. 크리스마스에 눈이 올까요? (Will it snow on Christmas?)

I’m totally in love with IRIS right now, the cast is awesome! (TOP!!!) nah, he’s not the reason I watched this drama!


Anw, I’ve been watching them with subs. It’ easier to watch 미남이시네요 without subs as the context is more ‘general’ and there aren’t any special vocabulary required to understand the show. My current vocabulary doesn’t involve words like ‘assassination’, ‘secret agent’ or any political terms, so it’s impossible to watch 아이리스 raw. ^^ But I’ve learned quite alot of specialised vocab from the show~


인연만들기 is easier to understand, but somehow I still can’t catch what the 할아버지 (grandfather) and 할머니 (grandmother) are saying. ><


As the story of 크리스마스에 눈이 올까요? takes place in rural S.Korea (at least for the 1st few ep), there are alot of slang words being used, which I don’t understand. ㅠㅠ

Hopefully all this drama-watching can improve my listening skills!

다음에 또 봐요! ^^ 감기 조심하세요~

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    7 December, 2009 at 4:18 PM

    I’m also absolutely immersing myself in IRIS. I’ve heard that IRIS is showing on KBS World in Singapore. Spectacular scenes totally captured me. Especially, I like Byunghun’s charismatic expression and his performance. His acting has never disapointed Korean fans as you know. I’m wondering how can u watch all Korean dramas? I think u know pretty much more than me. In addition, if my English wirting is incorrect, plz let me know. enjoy yr days! 🙂

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      8 December, 2009 at 8:49 AM

      hello! ^^ so surprised to see your comment here (: I’ve been watching dramas on mysoju.com or viikii.net. Some of the dramas on viikii.net includes korean subtitles made by netizens so it helps me alot in studying korean ^^
      I really like Kim So Yeon in the show! Can’t wait for the next episode to be out~
      spectacular scenes –> the spectacular scenes
      all korean dramas –> all these korean dramas/all the korean dramas

      have a great day ahead! ^^

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