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I hate.. overly scripted dialogues

Random, but I’m suffering from the lack of interesting advanced Korean textbook materials. Yonsei textbooks are the only ones I’ve seen so far that provide interesting dialogues or texts which are appropriate for the level. The only downside is that they do not offer much for grammar explanations, making it more of a advanced reader than a textbook.

Kyung Hee’s 신표준 한국어 is really boring and I’m suffering from a headache now. I’ve noticed its flaws since the beginner series but it’s less glaring at the lower levels. However, the overly rigid, scripted dialogues continued all the way to advanced 1 and I can’t stand it anymore. The texts are really.. boring too. I understand the need to include culture into good language textbooks but they are overdoing it. And killing my interest in the process.

I realised that I have not paid much attention to grammar for the past year – the focus is on vocabulary instead. I believe I’ve come across / seen / understand about 4/5 of all the grammar constructions (i think so) and I rarely come across any construction that is new when reading texts, articles etc. But there are still some formal ones that I’m not too sure about and I’m picking them up from the Yonsei text. I have the feeling that I’m still missing some in between but sadly, there’s no good advanced textbook (that I know of) that cover them. So I’m reduced to relying on grammar guides and dictionaries instead of textbook chapters to learn them. Not my favorite way to learn, I rather see the grammar construction in context instead of going through a list or a dictionary.

I feel obliged to go through the textbook chapter step by step and complete all the exercises. But I’m awfully bored and annoyed. Perhaps I’ll switch to studying 일본어 later on.

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