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This friend of mine (ok and also quite a few others..) once commented that I like to say “I dunno”. And that I say that in reply to mundane questions like where do you wanna go? to stuff like what would you like to do in the future/ what are your plans. He really couldn’t tell if I really dunno or that I’m just not telling him.

Hahahaha. The true answer is that I really dunno. It’s a super frustrating answer but I’ve realised that it’s also my best and most truthful answer. Whatever I thought I knew NEVER turned out to be the right answer.

I can give you countless examples of that. Or I should just say that every aspect of my life now is contrary to my “plans”. I am enjoying things that I once thought (even until recently) I hated and doing stuff that I would never had expected.

That’s why nowadays I just try my best in everything I do.

My haul is still undelivered and I’m annoyeedddd. Waiting patiently is something I am unable to do.

My digestive problems are getting a little bad. I can go to the toilet to throw up and then return acting like nothing happened. Still remember how I once did that and went straight into a meeting with my prof to discuss my thesis lolol. x.x

I can feel my non-existent Japanese skills slipping away from me again. Sigh. Especially since these days I am somehow super inclined to studying Korean instead.

Starting to think that I won’t be able to do N2 this july ):

And… I’m thinking of traveling to Korea this year. Likely alone. Time my visit with the premiere of a certain movie wahahahahaha ok that is purely coincidence.

(What a jumbled up post)

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