2 In Korean learning journey (:

How to self study Korean V2 WIP

It’s almost 2am in the morning and I just finished re-reading all the comments and feedback on the post where I launched the first version of my e-book “How to Self Study Korean“. I’m once again very thankful for all the support that you guys have given me over the years.

It’s been two years since then and to be honest, I’m very ashamed to say that I have not been working on it, save for one additional chapter. The usual excuses of being caught up with life, work commitments etc. Also, for a period of time I struggled with the issue of “What does Korean mean to me”, something that I talked about in the previous post of passions and what to do with them. At that point in time I didn’t have the ‘right frame of mind’ to work on the book and thus it was left aside.

I didn’t know what made me click on the file today and what made me start to write again but I completed quite a few pages today and perhaps V2 would be ready next month!

I went back to read V1 and I’m like WOAH DID I WRITE THIS. Hahahaa I feel that I was a better writer 2 years ago!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.08.10 am

I’m still working on mainly the beginner-intermediate stage but I do appreciate comments and feedback on what you would like to have included, can be in the beginner stage or intermediate stage or in between! Feedback in the previous post will be taken into account too!

V2 would be available for free on Scribd, as per previous version.  (:

Please support V1 in the meantime!!

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    28 October, 2015 at 10:09 PM

    hello, i am currently using 沪江网校 to self study korean and japanese. have u heard of it? i find it pretty effective but it is a paid website though. =)

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      28 October, 2015 at 10:12 PM

      Yeah I heard of it!! Is it good? I think some parts of it are free right. I vaguely remember using it before think

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