Hangukdrama: Condensed!

Hi! If you are here, I guess you are new to Hangukdrama or you simply can’t stand the messy site anymore! 5 years and nearly 1000 posts later, even I myself find it hard to navigate around the site. The search button is always there to help, but here’s a list of posts on Hangukdrama that you may potentially find interesting. I’ve gathered some of the popular posts and some of my personal favorites to get the ball rolling (: Hope you will be a regular reader in the future ^^

On learning Korean

On Korean 

Interesting stuff on Korea

There are really quite a lot of stuff on Hangukdrama, so take your time to explore the site. You may want to also check out the popular Korean Language Resources page and there are quite a number of categories over at the right hand side bar!

If you like what you see here, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment, note or email!