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Growing up

This must be how growing up feels like. 

Feeling a little lousy because my all-time fav Korean actor is in town for the very first time (hopefully not the only time) but I’m unable to go see him because I’m just too busy. Actually, I feel even more lousy about the fact that it didn’t disappoint me as much as I would have thought when it was something that I would have been extremely excited about just a year ago. In fact, I now wonder if I would really brave the crowds to see him even on a free day. 

Well, I’ve grown out of fangirling. I guess. 

Little by little, such small dreams / wishes are leaving me. Well, there are other “goals” that I now have, but I wonder if they are really the things I want or aspire to achieve and if they give me the same sense of achievement and satisfaction. 

I want to be fluent in a foreign language VS I want to hit my KPI at work / get promoted in x years. 

Both are goals / dreams but yet they seem to have different meanings and connotations, at least to me. I don’t know if I should feel sad that my “dreams” are now more of the latter type. Mine aren’t even that high level lol. 

I derive a lot of happiness from language learning and my hobbies. Being deprived of time to do them is making me.. well.. less happy. Of course, I see it as mostly my own responsibility to carve out personal time and that this could be just a transition period as I learn to get better and more efficient. 

Writing about this because I feel that it might be a dilemma that many learners who are working adults (or busy people lol) may face. It’s interesting to see how people react differently and the ways to get around the perpetual lack of time. 

Would really appreciate some sharing! ^^

I have been blogging for 8 years and while I don’t think there are many who follow me for that long (or many who even read this blog lol), I always wonder if the reader friends who contacted me years ago are still learning the language. As we transit to different stages, is language learning still the constant in our lives? What role is it playing in our lives? 

I feel like I’m lucky that languages are so entrenched in my life that I cannot “give up” or “forget” entirely. If I just started learning at this juncture, it’s very likely that I’ll just give it up. Which would be a huge loss (in my own opinion). 

Really, language learning has given me sooo much that I’ll encourage everyone to trudge along and embark this journey, no matter how slowly. (: 


It has been a long time since I blogged on a desktop, I’ve been typing half-assed posts on the phone. This explains the lack of photos and also the absence of book reviews. ?

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    Catherine Mullis
    12 January, 2017 at 8:22 PM

    When I was younger I was never encouraged to ‘dream’. I was told to settle down, have children etc……….which I did!!!. I remember back in school when I was learning French that I was pretty good at it, but was never encouraged to take it any further. Twenty eight (yes twenty eight!!!) years after leaving school thanks to my youngest daughter and you, I have been brave enough to continue with my language learning journey. But…….enough about me!!. Always keep in your sights those original ‘dreams’ you had, you are never too old to pursue them I am living proof of that!!. And as for fangirling, I am 44 years old and still do it (not even a bit ashamed!!!). Other things will take priority, for me it’s trying to keep calm my 16 year old daughter going through her exams when sometimes I would just like to sit and study myself. Try and go and see your favourite Korean actor, you might regret it otherwise. I suppose what I am trying to say is that it is never too late to make changes and you should always dream, however big or small that dream is. You are giving so much to other people, some of which are complete strangers to you. So please be kind to yourself, you will get to your dream in the end.
    Much love and squishy hugs
    Catherine xxxxx

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