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Gmarket Haul #1 – super satisfied!

yay!! my first ever gmarket ‘haul’ finally arrived! I knew I was complaining about the dpd/dpex service, but it ended up  that it was due to the large numbers of parcels waiting for custom clearance that resulted in the delay (it’s the christmas season!)

I checked the tracking page today and at 10am, it was updated to ‘out for delivery’. At around 1150, I received a call from dpex to confirm my address and to check if anybody is at home. I think that’s a nice service! They arrived less than 15 min later and the woman was really friendly 😀

It’s not much of a haul this time, as I was just testing out the system. Sorta regretted not ordering more, since I’ll save on the delivering costs. I was afraid of dingy quality xD My next haul is not shipped out yet, wondering if I should order more.  Or exercise some self-control :/

The packaging is awesome. As you can see, it comes in a thick plastic folder that is non tearable by hand. And inside, it’s another g-market bag. I ordered 2 leggings and the seller is soo nice to include a socks too!! so pretty xD Each of the leggings is wrapped nicely. The quality is relatively good and even though the stripped legging is a little thin, I think it’s good enough! And for the price I’m paying, it’s VERY good.

But note that the material, while stretchable, is not really the elastic kind. It fits me well enough though i should be losing that extra weight. I’m around 156 and you can see that the length is just nice for me. For those tall girls, maybe it’s not for you if you are looking for full length leggings ^^

Excuse my top, I’m too lazy to change out of my stay-home tshirt! ^^ I don’t have the nicest legs but at least they fit good! hahaha

knowing Korean helps loads, since I can read the comments of other buyers before deciding on my purchase.

I’m officially a gmarket fan ^^ will blog again when my 2nd haul arrives!

Seller: click here

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    23 December, 2010 at 4:03 PM

    cloths fit you so well 🙂

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