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G.O.D: The 짜장면 song! (어머니께)

finally back on some non-kpop wednesdays! Well.. G.O.D is kinda kpop? Just in a different era. haha. Anyway I love this song, especially when it was referenced in my fav drama, Fantasy Couple! I still remember the scene. 철수 and 상실 was in the car and the song started playing. And 상실 was annoyed when the lyrics came on and the mum hated jjajangmyeon. And she was like HOW CAN ANYONE HATE IT? And 철수 had to explain the story behind to her.. which naturally she doesn’t comprehend.

It’s a damn sad song. And a song that all Koreans will know ^^

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    4 November, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    G.O.D!!! G.O.D!!! <3

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