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For the fellow foodies out there (:

For the past week, I have been faithfully going to Kovan for my beginner Japanese lessons everyday at 10am. Usually I will reach Kovan Mall by 9.20am and during my aimless walk-abouts, I discovered a really great bakery located at the entrance of Cold Storage.

I usually get my bread from Four Leaves or my favourite bakery at Isetans Supermarket (Shaw House). However, I was drawn to the aroma of freshly baked bread and bought 5 mini buns at $2.20. All the buns were still warm (having just came out of the oven) and I assure you that you can’t stop eating them. (I had 3 at one go even though I just wanted to have 1)

Although the flavours were very common (hotdog bun, mini cheese bun, butter roll, sesame cheese bun etc), they offer a large variety to choose from. So you can get buns with/without fillings. They do not have special creations unlike that of the Isetans bakery, but I assure you that the softness and aroma of the bread is worth your trip down even from Boon Lay!

Once the bread was badly squashed (after being stuffed into my bag), but my mum still marvel that it is much softer and has a different texture from normal neighbourhood bakeries. That’s how good it is. No photos as of now, but I promised that I will try to get them tmr again 😀

They have quite a wide variety of cupcakes and muffins too. Not too bad, but I still think the mini buns are the MUST trys.

Location: Kovan Heartland Mall

               Entrance of Cold Storage @ Level 1


Speaking about food, I really wish I live beside Great World City. It offers a wide variety of dining places and I go there pretty often just to have lunch/dinner. (: It happens to have most of the food I like:

1. Freshly baked Cinnamon buns (located along the small stores in front of Cold Storage @B1)

2. Island Creamery

  • Pulut Hitam icecream and MUD PIES

3. TCC, Spinelli, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Ichiban Boshi, Crystal Jade

4. Gastronomia (italian bakery)

5. Food Court

  • hey! The food court serves really good pasta at affordable prices 😀

hahaha ohno, why am I ranting about food? 😀 Anw, I went to both the Kovan Bakery and Great World City today and so… 😀

ps. heh I still have 2 mini buns left (:

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    2 December, 2008 at 12:45 PM

    oo so you’re learning japanese as well?

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