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FoodPandaSG delivers to your doorstep

The one thing I really miss in Korea is its efficient and awesome food delivery service. You basically can order anything and they will deliver not only to your doorstep, office, but also to the exact classroom (!!) in school and also to a specific tree in Yeoido Park (if you order from the neighbouring restaurants).

I miss the convenience greatly when I’m back to Singapore. I used to have the idea that food delivery in Singapore is simply pizza / fast food which will come lukewarm (or cold!) but I still have to pay a premium for it!

But not any longer.

FoodPandaSG is (quite) a new service that is launched in Singapore! Available both on desktop and app version, it’s a fuss-free and fast way of ordering food delivery!! They have partnered with quite a number of restaurants island-wise and offer a wide range of cuisine.

This is really food delivery service done right:

  1. simple sign up process
  2. wide variety of payment methods (paypal, credit card, cash on delivery!)
  3. clear interface, intuitive navigation
  4. easy to browse menu, automatic calculation of prices as you add items
  5. pre-order available!

Point 5 is the most important (to me). I wanted to order for lunch (to be delivered at 12pm – you can choose the time period) but I had stuff to do at around 11am (which is normally when I should place my order). But with FoodPanda, I ordered online at 9.30am even though the restaurant was closed! Super convenient 😀

Isn’t that awesome! I’ll receive an SMS when the restaurant confirmed my order (it opened at 1030am and the SMS came around then). Later on, I actually received a call from FoodPanda apologising and saying that the food will come at 12.15pm instead due to some delay.

Really appreciated the call and the the food indeed came at 12.15pm!! Excellent service.

You guys would have guessed I ordered from a Korean / Japanese restaurant right?!

hello i’m not so predictable 😛 


The food from Indian Curry House came piping hot and nicely packed!! 😀

Ordered the following:

1. Butter Naan (excellent!)

2. Peshwari Naan

3. Butter Chicken (super good!!!!!)

4. Pulao Saffron (rice. Huge serving!!)

5. Vegetable Samosa

6. Honey Mustard Paneer Tikka

Food all packed nicely! 😀 See, the portion of rice is gigantic. Enough for 3 hungry people and 4 not-so-hungry people.


The aroma when everything is opened up!! 😀


Super happy to get such a good meal without even stepping out of the house. Totally fits my 宅女 character. Besides, the weather is just too hot outside.

Vegetable samosa. Love the filling!


Paneer ^^



Peshwari Naan. I prefer the butter naan though. But still good! 😀


It seems like Indian Curry House is one of the popular restaurants in the website. Look at all the reviews 😀

hehe definitely going to order again next time. ^^ Thanks FoodPanda! It was a good meal.



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    18 June, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    Yes, I am very hungry! That food looks fantastic! Wish i could order something like that right now!

  • Reply
    19 June, 2014 at 12:06 AM

    YES. Korea’s food delivery~ <3 My friend had pizza delivered to 한강 once, I'm still amazed they managed to find her, lol!

    I've also downloaded the app a while ago and explored it but have yet to order anything. Glad to know that service is good, can't wait to try!

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    20 June, 2014 at 2:31 AM


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