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Food, fun, talk and my favorite Korean drama

haha I seriously think that I have a lack of creativity for naming posts. Oh well.

Awesome fun day~~~~!! 😀 Hang out, eat, chill, talk, play random games. Not the best photos, but will do! Went back to Wang Dae Bak (click for review) again for dinner! And it’s so funny cos I spoke in Korean again, and this time I was outed by the lady boss, who asked ‘Are you Singaporean’ suddenly. HAHAHA. So sad, my friends said I failed XD

But pretty cool, she can recognize me from last time (!!) and said I look like a Korean 😀 Love the food and atmosphere there and I failed with the 계란말이 (egg rolls) this time round. Had 소금구이 and 삽겹살 and of course, soju 😀

Had the seafood pancake 해물파전 this time too and it was good!! 😀

Sorry for the lack of photos~ was just enjoying the company! I was pretty tempted too to get jajangmyeon later on but was too full XD Next time!  I miss having the 4,500won one back in Korea. ><; I think the JJM here will be like.. 15 dollars? LOLOL.

This is going to be a random post.

Was talking about dramas and I haven’t rewatch my favorite 환상의 거플 (Fantasy Couple) for a long long time. I think I rewatch that drama for like… 4 times? HAHA. I am so in love with Han Ye Seul and her character of Na Sang Sil (나상실) in the drama.

Love her way of thinking. 😀 Here’s an article talking about one of my favorite scene. Some people think Fantasy Couple is one of the weaker Hong Sisters drama but it just hit the right notes for me. I think I would rank the Hong Sisters dramas as follow:

  1. Fantasy Couple
  2. My girlfriend is a gumiho
  3. You’re beautiful
  4. Best love
  5. My girl
  6. Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang
Haven’t watch Hong Gil Dong and am not too interested in Big. Loved all the 6 dramas I watched! 😀 It was hard to rank between the 3rd – 6th drama but Fantasy Couple was easily my top favorite and Gumiho ranked pretty high too.
The OST is also one of my favorite. Listen to my favorite song HERE. Lyrics can be found HERE. 내 멋대로 살거야 주인공이잖아~~ <3
One of my favorite lines in FC (besides 꼬라지하고는) is this:

맘껏 잘난 척해. 잘난 척은 할 수 있을 때 마음껏 하는 거야.

haha super agree. I love everything that she said in the drama and even though it’s kinda unique way of thinking, I just love it. Seriously, if you are good at it or did something well, be proud of it! You need to watch the drama to get it. I’m too lazy to explain 😀
And THIS is another of the classic scene I love.
잘 들어. 니들은 이미 짜장면을 포기했어.
지나간 짜장면은 돌아오지 않아.
어린이들. 인생은 그런거야.
Refresh a few times if you can’t see the video! Sang Sil agreed to treat the kids JJM but the kids abandon her (and JJM) in favor of pizza and Yu Gyeong (Chul Soo’s old flame) but Yu Gyeong abandoned the kids when she remembered she had something important on.


So true. The show kept using JJM as a motif for a lot of underlying life lessons. Once the kids chose pizza over JJM, there’s no turning back. Once Billy overturn the pot of JJM, he lost his chance.

당신은 이미 짜장면을 엎었어요.
엎어진 짜장면은 돌아오지 않아요. 가봐요.
OMG seriously, seeing this photo made me crave JJM so badly now!! 짜장면!! ㅋㅋㅋ
If you haven’t watch the drama, please go watch it!! 😀 I think I’ll have to rewatch it soon again~! 😀
What’s your hong sister dramas ranking like?


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    Debbie Wong
    27 October, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    I went there on Wed with 2 of my friends & we failed with the 계란말이 too, hahaha! Checked the place out due to your review & we like it, so we’ll go there again^^

    • Reply
      29 October, 2012 at 12:23 PM

      hehe i’ll prob go again too! During lunch! wanna try out their lunch sets

  • Reply
    29 October, 2012 at 5:57 AM

    환상의 커플 참 재밌게 봤던 드라마에요. ^^

    • Reply
      29 October, 2012 at 12:23 PM

      네!! 제일 좋아하는 드라마예요!

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