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Expressing statistics in Korean D:

Today I discovered another 부족한 부분 (lacking area) in my Korean skills. (sorry for the codeswitching, this is a Singaporean habit xD) For our writing class, we learn (for an hour) phrases that used in describing graphs and other statistics.

FYI: We were given a list of phrases (with no context) and the teacher explained the meaning of each and give one/two examples on how to use each phrase. And we then have to apply what we learn in those fill in the blank exercises.

And we were given homework – describe a graph in the worksheet. For the next lesson, we are supposed to print out a statistic graph and describe it (i think?)

It baffles me how we are supposed to automatically know how to describe graphs after 1 hr of lecture. When we weren’t even given much exposure (or any in fact) of how such graphs are usually described.

I have many ‘interesting’ to say about my lessons but I’ll leave them for the time I’m back in Singapore. (:

I need to work harder in my Korean study when I’m back in Singapore. It feels like ‘a waste of time’ if I’m always cooped up in my room in Seoul and studying. Being here, the most important thing is to practice speaking/listening instead of worrying about other areas of my proficiency. I can always study by myself again in Singapore. (but then I always seem to have no time…)

vicious cycle.


I’m not feeling too happy now as I’ve been stressing out over my expenses and once I get into that state, I feel like just cooping myself in the room and not spend any money.. I’ve been telling myself that there’s only 2 months left and once I get back in Singapore, I’ll go back to my scrimping habits and also get a part time job. But then I worry about not having time for my studies, my Korean, my Japanese and the cycle starts over again and I start being worried and stressed. >,< I’m definitely not in a good financial state. :/

sometimes I wonder if it’s normal to be suffering from financial problems or not? I think I’m hanging out with too many people with no financial worries…

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    Xing Wei Poh
    1 November, 2011 at 10:28 PM

    If you don’t spend your money now, then when? You’ll earn it back eventually, and you’ll get by without as much food in Singapore. Enjoy yourself, money if just a medium to greater things in life. Experience is priceless.

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      1 November, 2011 at 10:31 PM

      hahaha!! i know what you mean, but just can’t help worrying >,< will stop thinking about it (: (: can't wait to meet up ^^

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