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2 February, 2014

This is what the blog feels like these days heh.
And so is this post.

This is yusheng, a traditional dish you eat during Chinese New Year. (Go google it) Being atypical, I haven’t had it for like …. years. The last time I remembered eating this was maybe 6 years ago HA.


So it looks like this.


Basically a lot of shredded… vegetables and stuff…. and there is jellyfish in this one (this is why you should google and not rely me to provide an explanation) In Cheon Songyi’s words, sawwwrry!


Follow the instrutions to add the sauces and .. stuff.


The crisps are always added last.


Time to toss and mix and eat.


Ok end of story.

Koreeeeeeean. I’m so busy I barely have time to fangirl (a higher priority). This is baddd.

I need to get my act together.

For now, let me nurse that backache.

    1. Your site is awesome. I try also to learn korean and your site is a big source of information. Yesterday , i discovered it via youtube and today i check almost all the pages. Besides this i found some songs i like . Keep going!

    1. I had exactly this dish yesterday with my family! It was the first time I tried it and my first reaction was “isn’t this a variation of 비빔밥!?” (coz we served it with rice and added quite a lot of sesame oil) LOL

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