3 In Korean learning journey (:

Enthusiasm vanishes

As fast as it comes.

Was (half) re-reading a favorite book – An Unquiet Mind – a memoir written by a psychologist on her own battles with bipolar disorder. (A professor recommended the book in class) I usually avoid medical stuff because I would somehow think I have whatever ailments they are talking about. But somehow I wonder about my own mental health as I read on. Are we all free of mental conditions or is it really a continuum where all of us may be … Unwell to a certain extent in the mind?

One thing I really like about the drama its ok its love is that it normalises the idea of mental conditions and briefly touches upon the idea that most of us may not have perfect mental health all of the time.

I am quite prone to mood swings and there are periods where Im highly enthusiastic, motivated and positive while there are times I just crashed into my own world, refusing to do anything more than what is required of me. In between everything, I do get everything done to a satisfactory level though. Sometimes I dont realise that I was kinda in a slump until I look back in time. I guess this blog contains a rather accurate record of my ups and downs haha.

I used to think that having issues is a terribly bad thing that I must hide to my best ability and try to present a fake and normal facade.

But as I got older, I realise that it is more normal to have them. Things that make you vulnerable, things that you may not be proud of, things you wanna hide. I havent found anyone that I would discuss all of my issues with but at least Im learning not to put on a facade all the time.

With my personality of ups and downs, im kinda surprised that I can learn Korean for almost 7 yrs. Basically I spent my youth learning the language. Of course the part about how I really love the language and country still stands, but I guess if I dig a little deeper, there are more reasons.

Learning Korean and losing myself in the language is a form of therapy for me and it is how I cope with negative stuff, periods of slunp and the general sense of negativity that had surrounded me in my younger days.

It offered the glimmer of hope that I needed, a form of escape and the possibility of a future. Ok im going all dark and cryptic here but yeah.

So yeah you cant say that me studying Korean was all positive and amazing hahaha. I guess Im just amazing in that I can learn a new skill while using it to tide me through dark periods hahaha so productive. XD

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    Clayton Wong
    16 November, 2014 at 8:18 PM

    Could it be that you simply like studying Korean? As for ups and downs – I think that’s normal life.

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    16 November, 2014 at 10:50 PM

    I can relate to you on being prone to mood swings. I realized Korean Language helped me to get out from the brink of depression.When people ask me why I’m learning Korean, most of them assume that because I’m interested in Kpop or having a Korean boyfriend. I always answer that Korean Languages makes me happy.

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      16 November, 2014 at 10:52 PM


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