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[E-book] How to Self Study Korean Ver 2

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Woohoo! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been working on the e-book again! 😀

The book idea is simple. I just want to share my experience self-studying Korean and also to offer some tips and methods to help everyone learn Korean more effectively.

I wanted to write more before I upload the second version, but in the end I decided to upload now to get more feedback from you guys! 😀 The feedback and suggestions from the previous version would definitely be taken into account in time to come! Feel free to let me know what you think!

I would also like to pick your brains on what to include in the book! Or if there are any questions that you would like me to answer in the book, let me know too!


Please help to rate it and like it too 😀 😀

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    29 October, 2015 at 4:57 PM

    So thank you for this. It’s inspiring me to get back into the habit of studying Korean. Habit is so important and having a goal is also very important.

    Even though you talked about reading and writing, it would’ve been good to see you talk about the importance and methods of listening (e.g. dictation, music, dramas) and speaking (e.g. shadowing, memorizing, etc.) well. At least, I didn’t see a section devoted to those topics.

    Thank you. Keep up the good work.

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      4 November, 2015 at 3:14 PM

      Thanks Carl! (: Will add those sections in the next version!

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    1 November, 2015 at 5:00 PM

    Shanna – your ebook is very interesting. I read it before this update so I am not sure what you have changed. A few comments:

    “The difficulty in Hangeul is not learning it, but pronouncing it” This is so true and it took me a while to find good explanations of sound changes and batchim. It is important that the text books explain these sound changes.

    You use the word “slangs” which is not correct. slang is the correct spelling, not “slangs” because slang is a collective noun.

    Dictionary – I recommend the Tuttle Learner’s Korean-English Dictionary which I bought as an Amazon Kindle book for $A12. A PDF file of English to Korean words can be downloaded for free.

    I recommend the Hello Talk app – for language exchange.

    Another great text book with accompanying free audio files is Korean from Zero. http://www.koreanfromzero.com/

    How can I get a PDF of your book without paying to join Scribd?

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      4 November, 2015 at 3:13 PM

      Thanks for reading!! 😀 Will correct the ‘slangs’ in the next version! (: Ahh I have that dictionary too!
      Will send you a copy via email! (:

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    1 August, 2016 at 8:37 PM

    Hii , I’ve been reading every single of your articles (korean related ones) in a while, i’m so obsessed *-* Btw i’m new to korean studies , i already saw your 1st ver and i’m curious abt the 2nd . Where can i download it without having to pay the website please?
    Morrocan fan here! Wish me luck ^^ Korean is the 3rd foreign language i’m learning , i’m fluent in both French and English already , but Korean is by far the hardest one (2nd next to my first language )

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      1 August, 2016 at 8:48 PM

      Hello!! ((: thanks for liking my blog! ^^ actually the 2nd version is the same document on Scribd, just slightly longer! If I’m not wrong, you can download the PDF file on the desktop for free ^^ wow French and English! That’s amazing ^^ have fun learning Korean too

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    5 January, 2017 at 6:22 AM

    Hi, is the e-book still available? When I tried to access it, it says that the document has been set to private.


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      5 January, 2017 at 11:12 AM

      Hi Janetta! Thanks for leaving a comment 😀 Sorry it’s not available now as I’m planning to edit it ^^

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