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Drama rambles and grumbles

This post is may have potential spoilers on the following shows:

  • Empress Ki
  • In a Good Way
  • Reply 1994
  • Heirs

You have been warned.

Here’s a photo of yummy Japanese food for those who click to see the post but decided not to read on further


Heirs have come to an end, and 90% of the show is already gone from my mind – well the show is mainly fluff plot-wise. The only character ending I like is that of Won. Making Hyun Joo “hide” or wait was never an optimistic option to begin with – it is just an excuse to buy some time together, although I’ll say those times aren’t happy anyway.

It’s interesting to highlight the two brothers’ different ways of handling their (rather) similar love lives, but I don’t think it makes Won a lesser man than Tan just because he didn’t choose to actively pursue his love and take the step forward like Tan did. His burdens were much heavier in the first place and it’s unfair to think that everything could have been different if he acted differently.

I do agree that one’s future lies in our own hands, but not 100%. To assume that everything lies on effort and one’s individual will is far from realistic. A person who has 100% freedom in moulding his/own future is really lucky and blessed. 

Young-do was easily the most complex character in the set and perhaps the only one I feel for. Basically I spend 20 hours on the show just to see him on screen.


I’ve put Reply 1994 aside for now, seeing how I can’t enjoy the show without agonizing over who’s the damn husband. I love the show for its bits (or chunks) of wisdom, the tiny moments and the relationships between everyone in the boarding house. It’s one of the rare shows where everyone gets their own highlights and their stories fleshed out, and I want to enjoy it without having that big question looming above my head. It’s annoying.

I refuse to abandon the chilbongie ship – the denial is strong.

I’ve got In a good Way to keep me real happy now. I’m a huge fan of Taiwanese campus stories and this one gets me in the heart all the way. I don’t know where this show is going but it’s just so comfortable and endearing to grow up together with the characters and follow them on their life journeys.

Also I’ve started to watch Empress Ki. My very first sageuk. Unless you count Moon embraces the Sun as a sageuk? Well, you can. In fact, Empress Ki is starting to resemble MES, in that the epic story is turning into a love story between two kings who are more interested in Sunyang rather than.. bigger things. It’s just daebak that the Goryeo king kept thinking of Sunyang during the battle at the borders.

Sure, it’s a good motivation but that’s all he talks about. hahaha I noticed that he hasn’t been talking about being driven to get back his kingship and to fight for his country blah blah. It’s all about that promise Sunyang to come back alive and see each other again.

I miss kick-ass Sunyang. It’s like she lost some of her awesome skills just by being in women’s clothing. D: Well.. I suppose she have to act like a maid if she’s to keep a low profile.

What dramas are you watching? ^^

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