2 In Chinese Novels

Do what excites you

Do what you are passionate about.

Do what you love.

Do what excites you.

I’m a nerdy bookworm and a language lover at heart, so much so that I can write a whole blog about learning foreign languages.

Reading in foreign languages is a form of therapy to me (like how retail therapy works for some).

These days, I’m very much into Chinese poetry, verses and writing.


I get super excited when I come across good writing. Currently, I’m reading this novel called 鹤唳华亭 and OMG IT’S REALLY GOOD. I’m trying to avoid spoilers or reading any synopsis, but from what I’ve come across online, it seems like the 2-part novel is similar to the likes of 琅琊榜 (权谋作品).

I’m only 4 chapters and less than 30 pages in, but I’m already in awe of the author’s writing skills. It’s so exquisite, beautiful and captivating. Usually, I am quite a fast reader, but for this novel I found myself slowing down to savour every single phrase and word. There are also many difficult words in the novel, and I found myself Baidu-ing them and noting down in my notebook. I even read the first chapter twice already.

I’m positively grinning as I read the book ;;;

I even start to take notice of the title of each chapter, which are consistently 4 characters, and trying to check out their 出处 (origins). I was already in love with the book, but when I realised that the author actually included the origins of each of the title in an appendix in book 2, I was like OMG THIS IS SO COOL.

/yes I sound very excited because I really am.

It is at that moment that I realised that it’s really important to do what you like and enjoy and feel that rush of adrenaline, motivation and happiness.

hahaha after writing so much, I think I’m not quite making a point.

The whole point of this post is to just share my excitement about finding something I’m super into now 😀


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    Febby Aurora
    20 October, 2016 at 8:50 AM

    Shanna! I can relate to this post so much. As I always get TOO excited whenever it comes to language. Whenevery I feel dizzy because of Physics or Chemistry at school, I always escape to study languages. I am currently learning Korean, and reading your blog somehow keep my spirit up! I learned Japanese before, but Korean…has taken over my heart. awe. Lol. I really want to meet you someday when I am fluent in both languages, I think you will be a really great friend to speak languages with! Love, Febby xx

    • Reply
      23 October, 2016 at 11:40 AM

      Hi Febby!! It would be awesome if we have a chance to meet up next time! Always keen to meet other language lovers <3 Have fun learning Korean!!

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