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Deadline and the obsession with time

Being too serious is really not good for your health. I’ve always been a very time conscious person so I stick to deadlines (like I’ll be dead if I don’t lol) and meeting times and all kinds of rules. Super rule-abiding yo. 

This properly served me well enough as a student. Never late on assignments, never late for meetings with the profs, super on time with my fyp and very on the ball with handing in forms etc. 

As a working adult, such a virtue is less appreciated (I think). 나만 힘들게 만들다. While it’s great to be a fast and efficient and dependent employee, it really sucks if you are tooooo serious. 

Many people don’t bother about timelines and if you are too bent on it, you suffer. Alone. 

Funny thing is that people who wanna ask you for a favour don’t even reply on the dot (eg. Say they would call at 3pm and never did for the day), and you are the one thinking about it and wondering if you should take the initiative to ask. ?

If you ask me at 1pm to call you at 3pm, chances would be at 250pm I’ll mentally remind myself and then at 259pm I’ll pick up the phone to call you. Yeah, that kind of accuracy. 

Really takes a toll on your health after a while. 

So my mid year resolution is to be less serious about things, if that makes sense. 

To be more accepting that people don’t stick to timelines and to be less obsessed with time. 

To stop worrying about this and that and just learn how to deal with things as they come. I really admire people who can be unfazed no matter what shit hits the fence. Calm and composed and just handle the situation with minimal emotional fluctuations. 

I must learn to be that kind of zen. 

I’m not going to be dead if I miss the deadline.

Repeat 10 times. 

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    25 May, 2016 at 11:45 PM

    Same here. There’s no point worrying about little things. I always say to myself will this matter 10 years from now and sometimes will I rmemeber this 10years from now.. I usually answer with a no and try to have piece of mind

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    31 May, 2016 at 6:29 PM

    Me too! Now I’m trying to be more chilled because once I felt like I keep putting some pressure on my nerve all the time. LOL It’s still quite hard for me now. Yet, I’m trying 🙂

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