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Day Trip to Kobe!


If you are in Osaka and have some time to spare, a day trip to Kobe is one of the options you can consider! We took a train from Umeda straight to Sannomiya (I think it was the Hankyu line…) and I think it took around an hour or less and I can’t remember the price but it was definitely cheaper than the JR line, which gets you there in 30 mins. Unless you are in a rush, just take the slower option. Now you know how much a month does to my memory depletion, this post and the others following will be full of i thinks.

I love Japan trains. They just look so clean and awesome 😀


Even the interior! But something that came across as surprising to me (maybe it’s just me) is that the train seats are not like “separated” in that each seat is not erm clearly defined. So it’s like a bench and sometimes you get people taking up more space than they are supposed to.


One thing I find very interesting is that I don’t have much things to take photos of in Japan. >< It’s weird, I can snap photos of anything on the street in Korea but everything just looks so orderly and similar in Japan that I find myself having nothing to photograph. I’m sure photographers will disagree but…


To be honest, Kobe wasn’t very memorable for me. Maybe it was because of the rain. Or maybe because it was an impromptu trip and we didn’t really have anything we wanted to see badly in Kobe.

The most fun I had in Kobe was in the Kawasaki Good Times Museum! hehe this reminds me of an inside joke LOL. Basically it is a museum that showcases the businesses of Kawasaki – which includes producing motorcycles, the Shinkansen train, aviation, heavy machinery, robots etc. So.. the Japanese version of chaebol?

I love looking at bikes and the museum has a section where you can actually touch and go up the real-life size models! 😀 I like bikes that is erm flat (not the rising back kind) and the bulky kind. hahaha okay judging from my description you guys should know that I have no ideas about bikes. Just see the photo below for my favorite bike!


Mmm I don’t think I look good on a bike. Maybe I’ll look better as a passenger 😛


The museum also features a cockpit simulator. You can actually go for the manual option (!!) if you are above a certain age and… able to read Japanese (because there are instructions you have to follow). Well, there’s the automatic option and the bff went for it! haha I hate enclosed spaces and anything that moves so erm yup.


You get to see models of trains and the shinkansen too! I’m too poor to afford the real shinkansen so this is good enough! hehe. I thoroughly enjoyed the video of the making of the shinkansen that they showed in the viewing room!!


Kobe has a Chinatown but erm not very worth a visit, especially if you come from a country that has a Chinatown too -.- Or if you are a Chinese. We had a horrible “authentic” Chinese lunch which was obviously wasn’t anything like Chinese food. Funny though, since the restaurant seemed to be run by Chinese….. A little hilarious when the waitresses can’t seem to decide on our nationality – they spoke to us in Japanese, Chinese and end off with a 고맙습니다. o.O

Well… all these languages work for us!

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    Clayton Wong
    31 July, 2013 at 7:07 AM

    You do look good on a bike 🙂

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      31 July, 2013 at 10:00 AM

      hahaha that was unexpected, but thanks XD

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    1 August, 2013 at 7:18 AM

    Nice pictures!! I have still yet to ride a subway and a train o.O But they look so cool and clean! Haha it’s okay, I get Korean and Chinese people speaking their languages to me also but mostly Chinese people lol

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      2 August, 2013 at 1:36 PM


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