Danish Language Resources

Starting Danish in October 2021! Dropping resources here every now and then, hopefully it will help other absolute beginners like myself.

Danish Alphabet (Danske Alfabet)

Danish Pronunciation

Danish Textbooks

  • デンマーク語のしくみ (Amazon.jp)

    At first, I was shocked to see a textbook that is mostly written in Japanese, but after getting over it, I realized that it’s a pretty good book that highlights elements of the Danish language (e.g. pronunciation) in easy-to-understand prose. I learnt more about Danish pronunciation through the book compared to other general resources, which tend to be either very dry or not as intuitive.
  • 世界の言語シリーズ 10:デンマーク語 (Amazon.jp)

    My current main textbook. I briefly went through the pronunciation section at the start, but would suggest not to be obsessed with the need to understand everything. I always think that as long as you get the general concept, it makes more sense to learn pronunciation through vocabulary and slowly building up the skills. So there’s no need to understand (and remember) everything at the start. A well-paced book so far, will share more next time.

Danish Dramas

  • The Chestnut Man

    This is the Netflix drama that got me into the language! I love a good thriller and I think this one is well-paced and written. It’s adapted from a Danish novel, which has been translated to English, so I’m keen to read it too.
  • Rita (R21)

    My friend recommended this to me and I binge-watched three out of five seasons. The characters are all pretty much flawed and I think this is what make the show feel real and relatable.