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Continuing the c-novel craze

Yes. I feel like I’m quite determined to read all the famous Chinese romance novels, be it modern, period or fantasy.

I’ve already read quite a number here and to continue the craze, I went to borrow some more titles.

Books I have on hand now:

  • 杉杉来吃(顾漫) – read
  • 何以笙箫默 (顾漫)
  • 曾许诺 (桐华)- book 1 read
  • 长相思 (桐华)
  • 岁月是朵两生花 (唐七公子)
  • 一厘米的阳光 (墨宝非宝)- seems like a famous author
  • 宛在水中央 (信用卡)
  • 不负如来不负卿 蓝莲花 (小春)

Hehehe so many!! ^^ As you can tell, I really like reading… Hahahaha but the funny thing is that I seldom read in English ><

Please send me book recommendations (any of the 4 languages I know)!! ^^

Snacks make reading more enjoyable ?

Finally got my hands on the popular Honey  Butter Chips. Heard too much about the craze and all the crazy stories of hoarding and buying it, so I just had to purchase one. Really surprised to come across them in Singapore hahaha.

Verdict? Yummy and I would buy it again!

Bunch is also my all-time Favourite Korean snack. I would buy it every time. Lolol. I Guess it’s also cos I have loads of memories about it ><

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    7 December, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    I really enjoy Haruki Murakami books but I only read the English translations since I don’t know Japanese (yet! ^^). Have you read any of his work? Also, have you read any books in multiple languages? If you have, how do you feel about the differences between translations?

    • Reply
      7 December, 2015 at 12:17 PM

      I’m halfway through Colorless (the Japanese version) but I still can’t quite figure out whether I like his writing or not. Mmm I did try reading Twilight (HAHA) in Korean and I remembered that everything sounded twice as cheesy lolol. I did have a few books in different languages but haven’t really read them in complete. Usually I’ll just read the original version. But I do like Japanese novels translated into Chinese, pretty natural!

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