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busy as a beeee.

Hello!! haha I have been so busy running my Naver English cafe that I barely have time to blog here ):

It has been 1 month and 2 weeks since I started the cafe and it has now grown to 114 members! 😀 Although it’s no where compared to the long established cafes, it’s a start. Anyway, I don’t really want it to grow so huge too. I can’t cope! So nowadays, I have been spending alot of time translating, answering queries on grammar, vocabulary etc etc.

It’s really fun, but it can get tiring at times. I’m learning loads while doing all these, but sometimes I am in such a hurry that I don’t have time to pause and absorb all the information. For example, when I am helping people translate, I come across new Korean vocabulary that I didn’t know. I will then check it’s meaning on Naver/Nate dictionary. But sometimes I will just move on quickly to the next sentence and after a few minutes, I will forget what I learnt. ):

With the increase in number of members, there is also an increase in the number of questions they ask!! omg. I am going to be overflooded soon.

So that leaves me with no time to study Korean. HMM. my priorities are all upside down. haha but I enjoy what I am doing (:

After 2 hours, I finally managed to clear all the questions. YAY. But I’m feeling so drained now, I just wanna relax.

My Naver Cafe (:

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