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Bus rides musings

Do you prefer buses or trains?

I’m not that fond of buses in general but I think it’s quite fun to just hop on a bus, enjoy the scenery and sees where it brings you.

I’m currently sitting in a bus which is too jerky for me to read my Japanese novel so I’m here typing this on my phone.

To tell you a little secret, I’ve noticed this guy in my once a week bus ride. I see him almost every week and it’s pretty cool that someone is as fastidious about time as I am. 오늘이 전자책 읽고 있어서 매력 있다 ㅎ 뭔가 ㅋ In a drama-esque (no such word..) world, probably we may get to know each other hahahaha. But ok no haha.

I can’t believe I’m talking all kinds of nonsense here oh well. This is a long bus ride. (Ok not the same bus ride as above. I’m going home now)

I’m super into Japanese these days, something that I never thought was possible. O.o I’m so determined to get my N2 pass this year (hopefully) and eventually aim for an N1. TOPIK 6 and JLPT N1. A bit of a cheap thrill but doesn’t it sound kinda cool (on paper)?

Ok my bus ride is ending.


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    15 March, 2015 at 10:30 PM

    Buses definitely! My joy when I discovered I have a direct bus to and back from my workplace. 😀 Kinda makes you more committed to going to work everyday haha

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    15 March, 2015 at 11:08 PM

    Cool! I’m taking N2 this year too! Think I’ll be super glad if I pass, since I’m skipping N3.

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    17 March, 2015 at 6:09 AM

    hey random question, have you heard of or seen unpretty rap stars? I saw a clip on youtube and then i began watching and now i’m caught up. I find it really interesting and there’s definitley korean i learn while watching it. understanding the rapping part is difficult as times… sometimes I get the gist or parts of it or I understand everything the’yre saying but it was too fast and i couldn’t process it in time because my comprehensible is not as effortless and automatic as a korean person. I also do enjoy korean rap though i’m not into straight up hip-hop rap… I’m more into the more melodic ones and especially ones with singing and rapping (and I was super fan girling out when I found out verbal jint was providing a track to the show). example rap song I love:

    I personally just really appreciate the talented korean rappers with great pronunciation, diction, flow, etc

    i was wondering how you’d fare with understanding with this show with the rapping parts. even if you don’t undersatnd everything they’re saying in their rap there’s other aspects to enjoy like the flow and whatnot. just mentioning this because i found a show that I got really sucked into in a long time and i know you enjoyed watchinf that reality show for WINNER.

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